Those who never organized a wedding don’t have any idea about the many difficulties they would meet: from the simplest to the hardest, that is from the reservation of the church to the organization of the party passing through the bride’s and groom’s dresses, and still flowers, photographer, invitations or simply the problem of how to set the tables for friends and relatives at the party.

For all these reasons many years ago the wedding planner saw the light somewhere outside Italy. It can be a single person or a complete staff who busy themselves with all this on your behalf so that you and your family can arrive at your wedding day happy and relaxed. This is our proposal, our profession . We started working in Trieste and in the whole Friuli Venezia Giulia, noticing how many interesting location there are in our region: wonderful places where you could live this magic day in the most dreamful way.




We will organize for you a very special day.

      Our full service offers:

The organization of the first meetings and the study of the complete expense budget;

The choice of suppliers, the reservation and coordination of all services offered;

We also help bride and groom to choose, for example a special theme, style or colour for the ceremony;

We can plan every single aspect of the wedding: flowers, invitations and dresses;

We finally will be present at the wedding to direct the whole event.


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    For a special day